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Need New Car Keys?

If you are like many car owners in South Florida, you know the pain and hassle of having to visit your dealer to find a new set of car keys on the market, well not anymore. With Keke Lockout specialty locksmith services, we can get you new keys in no time at all, check out our list of specialties below.

Our Brand Specialties

Lexus Locksmiths

infiniti locksmiths Lexus’ are not like other cars on the market and there is a delicate touch that needs to be applied when forcing re-entry on the frame of the door. If you are looking for Lexus Locksmiths, we are the people to call.

Lexus Keys

We work closely with the specifications and the materials to ensure that we provide the best Lexus keys and transponders on the market.

Nissan Locksmiths

kia locksmiths Nissans are one of the most popular cars in America, and a vast majority of South Floridians drive a Nissan from 2001 and on. However, if you are looking for the locksmith that has experience working on every model over the years, you’ve found them.

Nissan Keys

Did you know that Nissan were some of the first manufacturers to use the keyless entry for their cars? Not only are we able to recreate their first transponders but we can also duplicate their keys with the signature on-chip key system.

Kia Locksmiths

lexus locksmithsKias are becoming some of the most reliable cars of this generation of vehicles. That being said, you can’t expect your KIA to hold the keys for you. IF you are looking for a Kia locksmith, call us today!

Kia Keys

Kia keys are probably some of the most requested calls we receive for our services. We have duplicated countless Kia keys since we have started as a company.

Infiniti Locksmith

nissan locksmiths Infiniti is a surprisingly upscale car for its market. While you can call roadside assistance on the newer models and have your car opened for you, it doesn’t change the fact you will need your keys to operate it in the long term.

Infiniti Keys

We have extensive experience creating keys for Infiniti cars. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to going to the dealer, call us today!

Honda Locksmith

acura locksmithsFew cars can vouch for their longstanding qualities quite as Honda can. With their seemingly unending customizability, it is the car of choice for many racers. However, when you want to protect your investment, you should invest in something a little stronger than the default Honda keys.

Acura Locksmith

Acura is another one of the cars that are experiencing a resurgence in South Florida ownership. With that comes the need for specialty locksmiths who know their way around the frames of most modern Acuras, that’s where we come in. With our five-star Acura keys services, you won’t need to pay excess again!

Keke Lockout

With KEKE LOCKOUT, you are working with the most trusted automotive locksmith. We have been in service for years, and our recurring and new customers all agree that we are fair and honest with our pricing and services. Call us today to learn more about these services.

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