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lockout in hollywoodAre you currently locked out of your house and you have no idea when somebody will be around to help you out? It sounds like you should take the extra time to call a Residential Locksmith in Cooper City right away at telephone. We can have our nearest locksmiths to your location in as little as thirty minutes, just call now!

At Keke Lockout, we are constantly improving ourselves and aiming to be the best residential locksmiths in Cooper City. We provide every type of service including our specialties listed below!

Our Services

Broken Keys- Your keys are not impervious to damage, and due to the wear and tear of constant use can break. The most significant issue about your key breaking is that, more often than not, it will most likely occur while your key is in your lock. We will aid with the removal and creation of a new key.

Key Duplication – Whether you have a bunch of kids or a bunch of roommates, keys are always going to be changing hands in the household. If you want to make sure that every resident under your roof has constant access to your home call us today for our individual and group key duplication discounts! We also do building and custom keys.

Deadbolts – Deadbolts are one of the oldest and most secure ways of securing your home from entry. If you would like to have a deadbolt correctly installed and fastened then, you should consult a professional. Call us today, and we can be to your location in as little as thirty minutes time.

Re-Entry – Being locked out of your home is an absolute nightmare. Waiting on family and friends to retrieve their key for can sometimes be more stressful than being locked out itself. But if you call our residential locksmiths and us, we will have the nearest locksmith to your location in less than a half an hour!

Security Pad – More homes are converting to security pad installation, and it’s no surprise that it’s a great service for everyone to employ. But setting them up can be tricky and if done incorrectly you are risking a possible breach in your security. Call us today, and we’ll set the system up and make it, so no one is getting in but you!

Keke Lockout

We aren’t exaggerating when we claim that we are the most proficient residential locksmiths in Cooper City. We have the highest trained experts and the most highly-regarded customer service in the market, if you want the very best for your home, call us today.


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