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So, you’re rushing to get to work, and when you make it there, you gather all of your stuff from the trunk and walk in. Unfortunately, you left your keys in the trunk, and now you’re stuck at work. No worries, Keke Lockout is only a phone call away! We can bring our expert automotive locksmith skills to Coral Springs for everyone to enjoy.

Our Services

Extraction – If you find that your key is stuck in the lock of your car, don’t worry about it. Keke Lockout will take care of all your automotive locksmith needs in Coral Springs. Trying to release the key from the lock on your own could cause further damage, and there’s no need to worry yourself. To avoid that unfortunate situation, give Keke Lockout a call at (954) 504-6493.

Smart Keys/Fobs – More cars than ever are equipped with an intelligent key fob that allows them to unlock the car and start up without needing a physical key. Technology has come a long way, but for the key to working correctly, you’ll be near the vehicle. If you need a new one because the old one is outdated and damaged, give Keke Lockout a call.

Trunk Access – With trunks requiring different methods of lock mechanisms, it’s no wonder that a car owner would be locked out. You may have gone deep into the back of your trunk, dropped your keys inside, and now you have no way to retrieve them. In either case, Keke Lockout can give you a helping hand.

Keke Lockout Services

Every kind of automotive locksmith service you’ll ever need is within our capability. Our Coral Springs clients steadily spread positive word-of-mouth about our business, because we do everything better than the rest. We can handle all of your automotive locksmith services swiftly and professionally. Our team has expertise and experience making them the ultimate group to repair your vehicle.

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