Commercial Locksmith Services

Ke Ke Lockout Commercial Locksmith

Security is key when it comes to owning a business. While many people overlook the importance of one of the most basic forms of security, we make it our business. At Keke Lockout Services we help keep your business assets secure. We provide business owners in Fort Lauderdale with an extensive list of commercial locksmith services. Our services can help keep unwanted visitors from accessing your place of business, files, or other important information.

At Keke Lockout we pride ourselves on the knowledge and efficiency of our locksmiths. Certified, trained, and experienced, our locksmiths are capable of installing and repairing locks quickly and correctly every single time. Most importantly, our locksmiths understand the sensitive nature of working on the locks within your business. They will take the time to double-check, and even triple-check, that everything is in working order before leaving the site.

Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Access Control System
  • Exit Devices
  • Rekeys
  • Key Management
  • Master Key Systems
  • Medeco High Security Locks
  • Commercial Doors & Frames
  • Door Closers
  • Gate Locks
  • Property Management Lock Systems
  • Security Assessments…and more.

Ke Ke Lockout Service

We are experienced in installation of all types of locks, including high security locks and magnet door locks. We can also set your business up with a master key system, electronic door buzzer system, and access control system. With that, you can have control over who has access to which locations of your business and at what times. Business owners tell us that installing these types of systems helps give them peace of mind that their businesses are safer and more secure.

All businesses have important documents they want to keep safe, whether it be employee records, payroll files, property information, etc. At Fort Lauderdale Locksmith we can help! Our commercial locksmith services in Fort Lauderdale includes safe installations and combination changes, as well as a file cabinet and desk lock installations and repairs. In short, we can help you make sure that your documents are securely stored.

Broward Commercial Locksmith

You can also count on Keke for all of your standard commercial locksmith needs, such as re-keying, keys made on site, and emergency lock-out services. We know there’s nothing more stressful than being locked out, especially when it’s your place of business, so you count on one of our friendly locksmith technicians to be at your location as soon as possible.

There’s no doubt that you have your choice of locksmiths in Fort Lauderdale, but when you choose Fort Lauderdale Locksmith you choose to work with a trusted and professional locksmith who will go beyond the required to make sure you are satisfied with the locksmith services performed at your location. Give us a call today!

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