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Locksmith Fort Lauderdale FLThere are countless reasons to call a locksmith to visit your home, business, or car. Security assessments, key extraction, key duplication and much more are all available for you right now. All you need to do is pick up your phone and dial Keke Lockout today, and a professional locksmith in Fort Lauderdale FL will be to your location in a matter of minutes! Just call (754) 301-0777!

With Keke Lockout, you are working with the best locksmiths in Fort Lauderdale. We regularly receive calls to people’s homes and perform anything from re-entry to key duplication, see more of our locksmith services below!

Our Locksmith Services

Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Key Duplication – Whether you have a bunch of kids or a bunch of roommates, keys are always going to be changing hands in the household. If you want to make sure that every resident under your roof has constant access to your home call us today for our individual and group key duplication discounts! We also do building and custom keys.

Transponder Coding – The dealership can charge up to the hundreds for recoding a transponder for your car. With Keke Lockout, we can do it for a fraction of the cost and in a faster time span. Don’t let those at the dealership cheap you out of your money when you can do it with us for faster and cheaper!

Re-Entry – Being locked out of your home is an absolute nightmare. Waiting on family and friends to retrieve their key for can sometimes be more stressful than being locked out itself. But if you call our residential locksmiths and us, we will have the nearest locksmith to your location in less than a half an hour!

Keke Lockout

With Keke Lockout, you are working with the most trusted of Fort Lauderdale Locksmith. We have been in service for years, and our recurring and new customers all agree that we are fair and honest with our pricing and services. Call us today to learn more about these services at (754) 301-0777!

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